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Web Design & Solutions

You have just a few seconds to attaract your audience and engage them viewing your website. DishaLive will design your website to convert visitors into customers for you. We recognizes how strong web design can bring new customers to a business, and help take it toward a better business. DishaLive's portfolio of clients can attest to exponential business growth with well designed & wonderfully developed websites. DishaLive builds web sites that are specifically designed around your needs and goals. We works with you from the ground up in designing a highly competitive web site that looks great but also functions perfectly for your target audience and has the backend tools to make sure that it drives and converts traffic to leads for you. With a focus on branding and building a strong website, we provides all the required skills for designing a stunning web design while providing strong technical expertise for a searchable, results driven web site.

Our Web Designing includes:
Competitive Analysis & Research
  ⇨ Custom & Unique designs
  ⇨ Usability and Testing
  ⇨ Search Engine Optimization
  ⇨ Search Engine Marketing
  ⇨ Responsive Web design for mobile devices
  ⇨ Content Management Systems
  ⇨ Web Hosting
  ⇨ Website Re-design
  ⇨ Web Maintenance
  ⇨ Support

web development

Web Development

Your business is more than just a business card and your website should be too. DishaLive believes in providing solutions in web development, the functionality of the website should be fresh and up to date, showcasing your business to the world increasing credibility, functionality that brings business. We at DishaLive provides wide solutions to reach your customers, Our technical team is well versed with the latest technologies which cater in providing good results.

Web Development options include custom web features like:
  ⇨ Slideshows
  ⇨ eCommerce features
  ⇨ Customer portals
  ⇨ City Portal Developments
  ⇨ Maps integration
  ⇨ Google Apps
  ⇨ Facebook Apps
  ⇨ Bridging between social media & your website
  ⇨ Public directories
  ⇨ Job Portal System
  ⇨ Real Estate Portal
  ⇨ Learning Management Systems
  ⇨ Customer Relationships Management
  ⇨ Mobile web development
  ⇨ Hosted web applications



Online shop is not just a new trend nowadays, its become the norm for any business, online retailers. DishaLive builds an e-commerce website to increase sales. Start your business online with DishaLive, if you are willing to accept debit, credit cards, DishaLive will guide you with a right way you have you secure online payment systems like ccavenue, authorize.net, paypal, 2Co etc. if you already running a e-commerce website, and wanted to upgrade, we will build you a strong e-commerce website which brings new trend to your business. Our shopping carts are built with CMS, you don't need have a technical knowledge to maintain you website, Depending on your needs, we can build features for you to manage your inventory, manage coupons and sales and report sales.


Content Management Systems

DishaLive can design & develop a robust Content Management Systems like Wordpress, Joomla! for your business, giving full management over content, with Wordpress & Joomla!, your business can maintain control of its content, keep it fresh, current and found when people search for it. Wordpress & Joomla! are the world's best open source content management systems because of its wide range of features and ease of use. These two are constantly being updated and supported by thousand of developers world wide. the platform supports functionality with complete extensions and plugins, allow individualized controls with settings for administration and user functionality. Wordpress and Joomla! is also engineered to give the great SEO and SEM. All major search engines recognize the comprehend text that you place on your websites.


Search Engine Optimization

The Internet is the first place people look into when searching for a product or service, Online presence is key to a business survival, the ability for a search engine to recognize your website first is crucial. getting your website positioned on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo is very essential in growing your business. DishaLive deeply performs research on the key words that are unique to your website as well as an analysis of competitor websites is made to determine the best plan. DishaLive works with its clients to provide high listings using some basic search engine optimization techniques including the old methods such as unique titles, meta data, internal linking as well as new and robust techniques developed over years of building websites.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Your website is the starting point where your clients, leads find you through brand search, keyword, ad placement, sponsored links and strategically placed ads or links. Search engine marketing is practice of increasing the traffic to a website through paid and sponsored listings, with banner and display advertisements on commercial websites. SEM includes many ways of driving traffic to a website including pay-per-click, ad placements, Cost-Per-Click, social media links, and other websites. The more the business associates themselves with key words along with SEO, the greater their chances to get recognized online and ranks higher in search engines like Google. Search engine goes a long way in gaining high rankings for your business. DishaLive understands that your business needs to stand out and they what it takes to get you to the top within your budget.

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